The Crew

Our crew is comprised of key representatives from each of our respective founders. Below are the passionate individuals who are leading teams in support of the show. If you would like to get involved in Future Oceans, speak to one of the people below!

Catherine is the Chief Creative Director for Natural Talent Alliance, and one of the visionaries behind Future Oceans. Contact Catherine if you have questions about the production, music, or artists featured in the show.

Chief Creative Director

Catherine Larose

Lia is the Art Director for Future Oceans, and a rock star when it comes to branding and design. Contact Lia if you have questions about our brand, website, sponsor acknowledgement, our media kits or any of our other creative assets!

Art Director, Brand Manager

Lia Golemba

Matt is the Chief Operations Officer for Natural Talent Alliance and the Stage Director for Future Oceans. Contact Matt if you are a model, musician, HMUA or volunteer and have questions about getting involved with Future Oceans.

Stage Director

Matt Laprairie

Carolynne is an event manager for NTA, and our Model Lead. Drawing from years of experience in the field, models in the show can look to Carolynne for guidance and mentorship leading up to, and n the big day.

Model Lead

Carolynne Scoffield

Wondering why the models in our show look so polished and incredible? Its our Hair and Makeup team. Michelle is a world renowned hair professional who will be leading a team of 8 artists as the Future Oceans Hair Team Lead.

HMUA Team Lead

Michelle Suffolk-Walsh

Alan is the Music Director for Future Oceans, working with all of the music producers on the Soundwaves soundtrack. A music producer and artist originally from Dublin, Ireland, he is also the host of the Raw Talks Podcast, and the voice of many of the Future Oceans video advertisements. Contact Alan if you are a musician who wants to get involved in our show, or if you just want to chat about chippers and have the craic with a real Irishman.

Music Director 

Alan Donnelly

Kyle Nylund is an artist, fashion designer and a grade three teacher. He is also our Education Consultant for Future Oceans. Contact Kyle if you have ideas or questions about involving youth groups into our events!

Education Consultant

Kyle Nylund

Ivonne Arsenault is an award winning Makeup Artist and Educator originally from Berlin, now living in Calgary Alberta. She is the Team Lead for the Future Oceans Hair and Makeup team. Contact Ivonne if you are a Vancouver / Victoria based HMUA who would like to get involved in our show!

Lead Makeup Artist

Ivonne Arsenault

If you are from the Media or one of our amazing Sponsors, you have probably talked to Carrie Innes at some point! Contact Carrie if you would like to cover the event, join our media reception, schedule an interview or support the show!

Director of Partnerships

Carrie Innes

Bunny Yan is one of the world's leading Fashion Marketing Sustainability Experts. If you are a sustainable fashion brand, or have a sustainable solution, please contact Bunny!

Sustainability Marketing Expert

Bunny Yan

Warren Grant is an Ottawa-based graphic designer and illustrator who has turned a lifelong passion for drawing into a successful career. Warren collaborates closely with us to produce exceptional creative work that engages audiences and drives results.

Senior Graphic Designer

Warren Grant

Photography & Documentation:

Edward Ross

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Director of Photography

Brandie Sunley 

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Official Runway Photographer

Kelly Hofer

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Official Runway Photographer

Andras Schram

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Official Runway Photographer

Zev Vitaly Abosh 

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Official Runway Photographer

Kamp Kennedy 

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Documentary Director / Producer

Soundwaves Soundtrack

Allan Donnelly

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Alan is the Music Director for Future Oceans. Hailing from Dublin Ireland he always had passion and appreciation for all genres of music at an early age. Opportunities presented itself to Alan and the land of the Maple Leaf called. He quickly began seeking avenues in Alberta that allowed him to flourish in the area of creativity he most cherished, that being Music.

Michael Fournier

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For 15 years, Mike Fournier has been a driving force in the Calgary independent music scene. Equally at home creating music in the studio, or on stage with (among others) DC & The Struggle, Son of Ray and The Frontiers, Fournier is a true multi-instrumentalist employing whatever is needed—guitar, keyboards, percussion, bass, vocals—to realize the music in his head.

Paul Sanders

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Paul Sanders is a Calgary based DJ, who has been producing music for over a decade. He has worked with NTA on several wearable technology fashion shows including MakeFashion and now Future Oceans. His special interests include work with midi controllers for gesture control, sound design and other music tech. His passions are performing live at shows, both as creative collaborations and as a featured act. 


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OJO are an instrumental 4 piece band based in North Dublin, Ireland. Their sound is characterized by the melodic sounds of the Sunpan played by Stephen O'Kelly. Jimbo Dowling on guitar/ banjo sets the pace, while Ian Carey on Bass guitar and Conor on Cajon create the backbone.

Darren Flynn

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Darren Flynn is a musician and producer based in Dublin, Ireland. His current band, alternative roots and rock n' roll group called Mongrel State released its debut album “Mestizo” in 2016 and has toured extensively throughout Europe. Darren also creates production music for commercial use. His work has featured on numerous advertisements on local TV and radio in Ireland, as well as some short movies.

Wan Ying Chan

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Wan Ying is a Malaysian-born composer, arranger and producer from Malaysia, currently based in New Zealand. She graduated from Berklee College of Music and majored in Contemporary Writing & Production and Film Scoring. She writes, arranges and produces scores in various genres, ranging from pop to visual media, for film and TV projects. Over the years, Wan Ying has come to understand the true power of music to shape the world we live in.



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