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Thank you for joining us on this very special occasion! The Mission of Future Oceans is to inspire and promote positive action towards ocean conservation and recovery, and to raise much needed funds for the Ocean Legacy Foundation.


4:00pm - Victoria International Marina Grand Opening Media event

Official ribbon cutting and launch of the Victoria International Marina

6:00pm - Kristina Helene and Scott McGill - “Hinterland”.

Live Jazz entertainment in the Waterfront room.


7:30pm Nanaimo Contemporary Ballet Company Presents: “Plastic Whale”

Directed and Choreographed by Chantelle Norris

Composed By Alan Donnelly, featuring Darren Flynn as the “whale” (delay guitar) 


9:00pm - Fashion Show


We begin the show with established fashion brands who are leading the way in environmentally conscious, sustainable fashion.


The Alleles Design Studio

Sans Soucie Textile & Design

Tildart Eco Luxury


Future Oceans Resort Wear


Future Oceans Wearable Art


Future Oceans Fashion Designers

Erina Kashihara

Dianne Gibson 

Angela Dale

Erikka Moojesky

Katherine Funk

Cristal Cherry Lebel

Sydney Lunt

Janani Senarathne

Samm Brunner

Nadine Arthur


10:00pm - Fireworks

Be ready to take in the sights of the Victoria night sky in style as it explodes with colour and light in celebration of Canada Day!


10:30 pm - Soundwaves

As the night draws to a close we welcome you to enjoy music by our amazing guest DJs, Paul Sanders and Mudge Music!


10:30-12:00am “Partner-Ship” Prince of Whales Catamaran 

Bid on unique and eco-friendly silent auction items, or shop new and innovative products by our show partners, aboard our Partner-Ship! The boat boutique opens up to all guests right after the fashion show. No mass production here - everything is limited edition.

Soundwave soundtrack Artists:  

Poseidon - Alan Donnelly

Call out to me - Alan Donnelly

Swayzie - Alan Donnelly

Arkain - Alan Donnelly, Mike Fournier , Paul Sanders

Second edge - Alan Donnelly  

Kaleo - Alan Donnelly   

Concept - Nate Northridge

Frozen - Paul Sanders, Mike Fournier

Its Coming- Ojo

Sand on sea- Mike Fournier

Make more pop - Mike Fournier

1000 Eyes - Mike Fournier

Best idea ever - Darren Flynn

Deco FM - Ojo

Everybody out - Ojo

Elements of light - Wan Ying Chan

Into the Clear - The Future Oceans band

David Carlton - Drums  

Mike Twitty - Bass  

Alan Donnelly - Accountic Guitar, slide guitar

Darren Flynn - Electric Guitar fiddley

Mike Fournier - Electric Guitar Solo

Paul Sanders - Synth

Wan Ying Chan - Keys, Strings



Contact our Show Producers!


We are proud to announce our exclusive eco-fashion boutique and workshops - coming Sept 20-30 to The Bay Centre Victoria!

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Underwater photo: Andras Schram Photography