Show your love for our Future Oceans with a custom made eco-fashion on demand piece, designed by Samantha Gardiner. 

Samantha Faye Designs - Ari Dusters - $50 Deposit

  • Price

    Your Price: $245.50   Retail Value: $392.80

  • How your purchase helps

    For Future Oceans: $110.48 
    For Ocean Legacy Foundation: $36.83

  • How It Works

    Step 1:

    Get your limited edition, eco-fashion on demand piece today with a $50 deposit* to book your spot with fashion designer Samantha Gardiner. 


    Step 2:

    Once your deposit has been received our designer will contact you personally to go over the details of your order, confirm measurements and your order details. 

    *Note: Your $50 deposit is 100% refundable up until the point your have confirmed the order with our designer. 


    Step 3:

    Once your order has been confirmed our uber talented designer will get started creating your fabulous eco-fashion on demand piece. Once your creation is complete you will be contacted with a confirmation of shipment. 


    Step 4:

    Show off your eco-friendly style and show your love for our future oceans :)

  • Materials Used

    100% Lyocell

  • Additional Info

    As a designer, I want my pieces to inspire change and growth; It is important as a smaller scale designer to be able to create garments that are durable, high-quality and to focus on quality over quantity. I have a moral obligation to ensure that my designs are produced in a manner that is ethical, and sustainable. As a whole, the fashion industry has a high environmental impact, due to water pollution, use of toxic chemicals, synthetic textiles, etc. It is very important to me to be able to educate myself, my family and peers and offer alternatives to reduce our environmental footprint. Using recycled off cuts and the textile Lyocell I have been able to offer a modern simplistic take on eco and sustainable fashion. Lyocell is a wood cellulose fiber that is gentle on skin, feels cool and dry, and is made in sustainable production.



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