Into The Clear

Into the clear was created in the light of a fashion show that took place on July 1st at the Victoria International Marina, in BC. The show, called Future Oceans, had a goal to draw attention to the crisis of plastics in our oceans, and support the work being carried out by the Ocean Legacy Foundation. It was at that time, Dublin born singer/songwriter and the Music Director for the show Alan Donnelly had composed a chord progression, he would come to entitled "Into The Clear".  Later that evening it was recorded and the acoustic version was passed to fellow musicians Dave Carlton (drums) and Mike Twittey (bass) to lay the underbelly to this rally cry.


Alan then extended the invitation to the remaining contributors of the fashion show music to record something, adding to the layer cake of sound that was rising.  The response was profound, as one musician after the other sent in submissions of their recordings for the project. Once all the musical files where received, Alan started to piece together the song that would end up becoming the finale of the fashion show. Beginning with Wan Ying Chan's (Malaysia) keyboard, and strings upon what was there already. The second verse explodes into action with Darren Flynn's (Dublin) layered electric guitar whilst Paul Sanders (Calgary) Synth FX Siren, sounds gently in the background. The final addition was Michael Fournier who's unmistakable lead guitar was the missing ingredient needed brought mix to a close.


It wasn't until a month later that the instrumental became the anthem for the "artist led movement" that is Future Oceans, Alan began to put pen to paper to create the lyrics The songs deeper message is to enact a change now before its too late as the line says "if we don't act now, I dread to think what's to come". Whilst the song is of a bleak reality its tone is one full of hope that we can still turn this situation around if we act upon a change together. The single will be out and available to download from ITunes and streamed on  Spotify on the 27th with a portion of proceeds going to Future Oceans.




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Underwater photo: Andras Schram Photography