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We have chosen to raise awareness for the crisis of ocean pollution through art and action. To create awareness, we have designed a fashion show that will inspire all age groups, genders, and ocean lovers to form communities and take action to innovate new solutions.

Craig E. Norris
Victoria International Marina

Craig Norris has a 20-year carrier in business leadership and infrastructure development in western Canada, anchored in leadership roles within one of Canada’s leading architecture, engineering and environmental consulting firms. In 2015, he moved from corporate consulting to focus on developing Canada’s superyacht businesses on the west coast, where he led the complete development of Canada’s first superyacht marina and service center located in Victoria Harbour, British Columbia.

As CEO of Community Marine Concepts Ltd. and the Victoria International Marina, he travels the world as an ambassador for the pacific coast of North America, listening intently to what the superyacht community is looking for while advocating for what Canada and the Pacific can offer.


Starting his career as an aspiring architect, earning a diploma in Architectural Technology and then a University degree in Environmental Science, he set to mash together his passion for alpine sports and recreation with his appreciation for remarkable built environments. His journey has taken him through a diversity of sectors including recreation tourism, municipal and rural development, mining, oil and gas, first nations development, marine infrastructure, land reclamation, and community development.

He is also the Chairman of the Victoria’s regional economic development organization, the South Island Prosperity Project, an organization responsible for facilitating and promoting the development of a strong, diversified economy on South Vancouver Island.

Catherine Larose
Natural Talent Alliance

Catherine Larose is a Producer, Art Director and Fashion Editor currently residing in Edmonton, Alberta. Since 1999, Catherine has supported and worked in the arts through the administration and management of not-for-profits like the School of Alberta Ballet, Charities such as the Cecchetti Society of Canada and the Canadian Space Society, and corporations including MakeFashion, Calgary Bride, Luxe magazine and Natural Talent Alliance. To date, she has produced more than 60 performances and events for dancers, designers and artists around the world.

Also trained as a fine artist, her metal and textile designs have been featured in exhibitions in Canada, France, Italy, China and the United States. She has also produced many wearable technology garments which have been showcased on international runways.

Matt Laprarie
Natural Talent Alliance

Matt Laprairie is a fashion show producer and artist based out of Calgary, Alberta.

A professional artist and fashion designer for over 20 years, Matt has been represented in over 50 fashion shows internationally, including Canada, USA, Germany and China. His unique technique and use of carbon fibre, electronics, and precious metals have gained him an international reputation for being a world leading fashion-tech designer.

In addition to creating and presenting his own work, Matt also directs high profile fashion shows internationally, and recruits and manages modelling talent worldwide through his company MJL Enterprises. In 2016, Matt co-founded Natural Talent Alliance Inc., a talent recruitment organization, specializing in models, musicians, dancers, hair and makeup artists and professional photographers.

Greg Parish
Victoria International Marina

Greg Parish is referred to as the "Ninjaneer" of networking for the Victoria International Marina, and his passion for finding synergies between groups can only be surpassed by his passion for the environment. He grew up with a family that loved nature, and went camping as often as they could. Later in life, his love for extreme sports led him to create a few companies which specialized in the manufacturing of advanced components.


"For me, what makes the Future Oceans so exciting is that we have organically created a way to engage people and educate them on the pollution problem we all have. It seems to bond everyone together and it is very exciting to be apart of as we open up our eyes to the plastics in our lives.

So far the coolest thing is watching my two young daughters tell me about plastics and questioning me when in the stores about what I am bringing home. If we can wake people up and engage the youth, we can spark that idea that becomes a new method or product to fix the mess we are in."

Chloe Dubois
Ocean Legacy Foundation

Chloé Dubois is the President and founding member of Ocean Legacy Foundation, and has worked in the non-profit and community development sector for the last 15 years. Since co-founding Ocean Legacy in 2014, Chloe has organized more then 30 cleanup expeditions in 4 countries, and has engaged more then 10,000 people in cleanups, education, and recycling initiatives. She manages field survey studies, plastic collection, sorting, administration, and general operations.


She has an honours undergraduate degree in Environment and Resource Management with a diploma in Strategic Environmental Assessment from the University of Waterloo, Canada. Ms. Dubois has been a citizen scientist for over 10 years contributing works to critical climate change research, water and soil quality testing and currently spearheads initiatives around the implications of plastic pollution in the natural environment.


Chloe Dubois has co-created the first and only ocean plastics innovation and education centre in Canada which has now set up recycling infrastructure, including purchasing a small-scale plastic-to-fuel machine in 2015 and is now developing mobile pyrolysis technologies in Panama with technology partners.

James Middleton
Ocean Legacy Foundation

James Middleton is the Treasurer and Co-founder of The Ocean Legacy Foundation as well as the Captain of Ocean Legacy’s vessel “Imperial ADGO”. From working as a brewer, operating heavy machinery, welding, milling and building log homes, he now brings his critical thought and operating skills to running naval operations for Ocean Legacy. James has in-depth knowledge in Archaeology, Ancient Civilizations, Geology, Cosmology and Modern and Ancient Cartography. This has led him to spend the last 10 years living and exploring the rivers and ocean of British Columbia as well as 11 other country’s oceans and seas around the world. James is concerned about the implications of our industrialized planet steaming towards a 6th extinction event with plastic pollution being one of the many serious offenders. His goal is to use Ocean Legacy to enable the effort of change in hopes that there will be a future for generations of thriving life on this planet and beyond.



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