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We are proud to announce the following Fashion Designers who are featuring work in our Fashion-on-Demand program, at The Bay Centre Victoria this September! These designers are working day and night on ideas to make eco-fashion and other pro-environment products more accessible. Our designers are having a positive impact on the environment, and inspiring thousands, using art and fashion as their guide.

Cristal Cherry-LeBel

Cristal is a Calgary based fashion, costume and jewelry designer. She draws inspiration from the feminine form and vintage aesthetic. With sustainability in mind, Cristal enjoys to repurpose, and bring new life to materials which are no longer fulfilling their intended use. Design evokes excitement and inspires her to keep moving forward in the fashion world without limits.   

Dianne Gibson

Dianne Gibson is a Fashion Designer and wearable artist based in Oliver, BC. Her fashion technology works have been shown on world class runways in Canada, the USA and China, and her bridal fashions have been published in several Canadian magazines and newspapers including Luxe by Calgary Bride. As of 2017, she is also the Owner of the Maker Place, where she delivers sewing workshops to youth and advanced seamstresses.

Nadine Arthur

Nadine Arthur is a designer with a background in Fashion and Costume, plus an array of skills that enable her to give a head to toe consideration of the final application of her designs. She is skilled in jewelry design, photography, fine arts, and makeup artistry. Her work has been featured in museums, charity events, theatre, fashion shows and film. Her designs reflect  sense of ethics, sustainability and style.

Katherine Funk

Katherine Funk is an award winning designer from Alberta, and a student at the Fashion Institute by Olds College. She is inspired by vintage and retro fashion, and tries to use sustainable materials in all of her designs. She is known for printing her own unique fabrics. Funk started making clothing when she was 14. Since then, she has been awarded the Airdrie Mayor’s Night of the Arts Award, the Karin Simpson Memorial Scholarship for Creativity, and the Amazing Women Amazing Promise Award.

Samantha Brunner

Samantha Brunner is a designer from Calgary, AB and a Fashion and Marketing graduate from Olds College: Fashion Institute, majoring in Costume Cutting and Construction. Apart from her collaborations with MakeFashion, volunteering and raising her family, Samantha strives to create pieces that exude quality, sustainability, and demonstrate her moral and ethical obligation to the environment.

Sydney Lunt

Sydney graduated from the Olds College Fashion Institute, majoring in both the Costume Cutting and Construction, as well as Apparel Technology programs. She uses fashion to create a “visual journey”, and believes that unique personalities can be enhanced with fashion. Her vision to launch an eco-friendly fashion line were ignited with the Future Oceans Call for Submissions.



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We are proud to announce our exclusive eco-fashion boutique and workshops - coming Sept 20-30 to The Bay Centre Victoria!

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